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The CCO Certification Program will provide participants with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a comprehensive professional development program that leads to a professional credential from the only association serving the needs of Clery compliance officers and professionals.The purpose of the CCO Certification Program is to provide a professional-level credential for practitioners involved in managing Clery Act compliance activities at their respective colleges and universities.Some individuals with developmental disabilities only require modest support and training while others require intensive clinical services and daily care and supervision for their personal needs and safety.We ask that you take the time to become familiar with the needs of persons with developmental disabilities who are served in your community .Institutional officials who may benefit from this training program may include, but are not limited to, the following: This online, self-paced training program will provide participants with an affordable, convenient way to meet the VAWA annual training requirement.Each campus will be able to enroll their own learners into a customized training portal in which they can manage enrollments, monitor program completion, and run administrative reports.The Clery Act is a complex and ever-evolving law riddled with ambiguous rules with many exceptions.The consequences of noncompliance are far-reaching for institutions.

Attendees receive a certificate following the completion of the required online class.They are required to receive annual training about how to conduct an investigation and adjudication process that protects the safety of the victim and promotes accountability. Stafford and Associates training programs, “Investigation of Sex Crimes for Campus Police, Public Safety and Conduct/Title IX Civil Rights Investigators: Conducting Trauma-Informed Investigations” and “Title IX Coordinator/Investigator Class” are eligible to participate in the Online Sexual Assault Investigations Recertification training classes, which will fulfill the annual training requirement under the Violence Against Women Act requirements of the Clery Act.DSA will produce a minimum of one required class per year (each class has at least two modules) for attendees to maintain their certification and each class will include a quiz to measure and assess learning.The program also provides a mechanism for assessing participants’ knowledge and understanding of the law, as program participants must demonstrate they have mastered essential concepts prior to completing the Certification Program and claiming the associated credential (Certified Clery Compliance Officer).Employees completing the program will be in an outstanding position to enhance their service to the sponsoring institution by bolstering its capacity to get into and/or maintain compliance with the Clery Act.

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