Coping with dating violence

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A situation is more likely to become violent if there is demeaning or taunting behavior or other provocations, or if a gun is present.

Teens from minority groups are at an increased risk for being the victims of teen violence.

Divorce is generally a stressful and unsettling event.

At minimum, a major relationship is ending, all sorts of routines are upset, and in the midst of the stress of transition there are legal hoops to jump through before things can be resolved.

It is difficult to pinpoint teen violence causes but there are some warning signs.

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These skills help teens avoid situations where they may become involved in teen violence.

These teen violence causes give you an idea of what to look for.

Teen violence sometimes also depends on situational factors.

Though there is no 'cure' for these feelings, there are some good and healthy ways to cope with them so as to suffer as little as possible, and to gain in wisdom, compassion and strength from having gone through the experience.

The emotional coping process starts with allowing one's self the freedom to grieve and ends with moving on with one's life. Grief is not a simple emotion itself, but rather is an instinctual emotional process that can invoke all sorts of emotional reactions as it runs its course.

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