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Syndrome was seen only during the end of Jack-Jack Attack, when he came to the door of the Parrs' home, claiming to be a replacement babysitter.

In the mix, he lies that his 's' symbol stands for "sitter." Kari believes him and leaves gratefully. Here he is shown for the second time without a mask on.

Even though the missiles hit their mark, the family survived and swam to the island. However, when he arrived to defeat the robot with a special remote control, the Omnidroid (which had become self-aware like its predecessor before it) betrayed and outsmarted him, destroyed his remote and shot at his rocket boots with a laser gun.

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While the main antagonist of the Incredibles Play Set level, he also makes a major antagonistic role in the 3.0 level, Toy Box Takeover, where he steals the Magic Wand (as well as Merlin's magic wand) from Mickey and tries to control the Toy Box world with the other villains (most notably Davy Jones, Venom and Darth Vader as level bosses and the other Marvel villains within his "Hero Eliminator" level).

Incredible, Elastigirl seemed to have a strong opinion, stating that she both planned to break the "glass ceiling" (as Supers were a predominantly male profession) and would not settle down, at that time, in her firebrand ways as a married housewife. Incredible had managed to be so dazzling that she broke down and agreed to marry him. Since it became illegal to work as a Super, her goal of becoming a prominent superheroine was made a moot point.

(Given the passing reference in the movie to her weight gain, however, these numbers may only have applied while she was still single.) Prior to marrying Mr.

The family arrived just as he was preparing to leave, and he suspended them and slammed them into a table. However, Jack-Jack transformed into a mini-monster and disabled his rocket boots. Incredible threw his prized sports car at the jet, knocking it off-balance and causing Syndrome to slide toward the left turbine.

Syndrome got back on his jet and started yelling that their battle is not yet over and he would "get your son eventually! Syndrome's cape got tangled in the spinning blades, just as foreshadowed by Edna Mode, and the evil genius was pulled in, resulting in his death and the explosion of the plane; ending his reign of terror on the Incredibles and avenging Gazerbeam and the other supers he killed, indicating that their battle was already over.

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