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The station was originally meant to serve mostly leisure trips to nearby Frederiksberg; it had a booming traffic in the railway's first years, which however dwindled as the novelty wore off. Jacobsen's son, opened his own brewery at a neighbouring site after a controversy with his father.

The station was closed in 1864 when the second main station in Copenhagen opened and the railway was rerouted through Frederiksberg station instead. Jacobsen to the site and he founded his Carlsberg Brewery in 1847 on the eastern slopes of the hill. Over the following decades both breweries grew and were later merged.

He was followed by other members of the bourgeoisie.

When the first railway out of Copenhagen opened in 1847, a 30 km rail line to Roskilde, it had an intermediate station slightly east of where Valby station lies today.

Other companies established in the area early in the century were Carl Aller's Aller Press and C. Rich & Sønner, a manufacturer of coffee substitutes.The first holder of the license was Hans Pedersen Bladt, a skillful merchant who was elected mayor of Copenhagen in 1675.Valby also profited from the proximity of Frederiksberg Palace which was constructed from 1699 to 1703 atop Valby Hill as a new summer residence for King Frederick IV.The royal presence in the area brought along more activity in the village.It is said that Queen Marie Sophie, consort of King Frederick VI, often rode through Valby, handing out candy to the children.

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