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In American Glass Paperweights and Their Makers by Jean Melvin (1970), there is a picture on page 49.As described in the Melvin book, the butterfly is crafted of solid [clear glass] crystal and coated with fine glass (i.e., colored frit glass).Like Draco, Pansy tended to pick on and try to intimidate those who were weaker — or just different — than she, and often backed up his gang. We do not know if the juice of the pansy has similar properties in the Harry Potter universe, however.In fifth year, Pansy and her gang proudly wore Draco’s “Potter Stinks” buttons to Potions class, and laughed at Hermione when she was accidentally struck with Draco’s Densaugeo spell that made her teeth grow to a hideous size (GF18). -- MLW Played in the movies by Genevieve Gaunt (IMDb) The Tragedy of Pansy Parkinson: Unlike other Slytherin characters such as Draco Malfoy or Regulus Black, Pansy Parkinson didn't change and grow much over the course of seven books, and she remained the girl version of Dudley Dursley - who at least changed enough to admit he would miss Harry by the end.Question: And how much is it that being sorted into Slytherin is sorted into good guys and bad guys... Isn't that smart, to get out, get more people and come back with them?It's the old saying, there is no truth, there are only points of view.The picture does not do justice to this paperweight.

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Please ignore the white areas in the picture caused by the light. Condition: Excellent condition with no cracks, chips or scratches.

It features a large butterfly with blue spotted wings and black body flying over a multi-colored frit ground. Examples of this paperweight are found in the two references on Degenhart paperweights.

One example is shown on page 99 of the book Degenhart Glass and Paperweights by Gene Florence.

Charles and John Degenhart started their careers in glass working in glass at the Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton Company factory in Findlay, Ohio.

Charles, born in 1882, started first and then John, born in 1884, started at the age of ten in 1894.

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