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Select your phone, and then push the OK button on steering wheel or dash to delete it. Then turn the vehicle off, and open the door to make sure everything is powered down. Some people have been trying to pull the Sync fuse from their vehicle’s fuse box, this process accomplishes the same effect, and its easier.Then go to the phone, to its Settings folder, Bluetooth Settings, Connected Devices, and then “delete” the phone. This procedure signals your vehicle to “reboot” from factory specs and it refreshes the system. See how to turn off apps you're not using, and use the Settings menu to turn off features like Bluetooth. About the Get Smartphone Smart Series Most of us are... This video gives you tips like how to add app shortcuts to your home screen, create folders to manage app shortcuts and more. Learn tips to improve the battery performance of your LG G3 from Verizon.Usually, after a few seconds, it will come back and prompt you to enter the PIN number.Enter the “0000” (or the “1234” number) and then push Pair on the phone.Once a week, be sure to power down your phone and then restart it.

This site is a resource for all Sync users and has a wealth of resource information and videos. If you want to upgrade, use a clean USB jump drive and follow instructions to download the update from the website.Be sure to watch, some Droids come back with a sub-menu that asks you if you want to always recognize the Sync/Bluetooth connection, select “Always On” and tell it OK.The Sync system will then ask if you want to make this the Primary Phone, push OK on the steering wheel or console. When it asks to Download Phonebook, now you can push OK, and OK again, and it will download the phone contacts.If you're having other issues with your device, visit our Troubleshooting Assistant. We take to the streets of NYC and ask some hard-hitting questions: What does 4G LTE stand for? Passed on the M8 due to this, passed on the S5 due to only 16gb release. I have always connected it to my car for calls and music via bluetooth. The last few days it will pair for phone use but I cannot listen to my music from my phone to my car. I can no longer have Bluetooth and Wi Fi on at the same time and connect to Wi Fi. My Bluetooth LE devices also no longer want to connect with my LG G3, I have a Fitbit Flex that will only sync/connect when I force it to by... Watch this tutorial to find out how to check the status of your battery.

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