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Thereafter an email was sent to the person by in which a link was provided for activating the account.

A person who registered following the above online procedure could either sell or buy products on the electronic market that offered by using the ID and password.

USA, and the owner of the website was during the relevant period in the process of being acquired by and consequently renamed as Ebay India Private Limited (EIPL).

BIPL had its main office at Mumbai and another office in Delhi.

To be either a seller or buyer a person had to first register himself with by filling out an online form giving details including the name, email id, date of birth (the age had to be 18 and above).

The person registering had to choose an appropriate 'baazee ID' and a password which would be used every time the person logged on to the website to transact either as a seller or a buyer.

The second step was to "create a listing." Again several steps were to be followed.

First the seller would select a category and sub-category that broadly classified the product proposed to be sold. The website advised: "Enter the title that you would like to give your item in the text box provided. Try to include specifications such as brand name, model number etc.

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2.2 The website provided an online platform or market where a seller and a buyer could interact.BIPL had a Safety and Trust Division which instituted word and text filters so that objectionable listings could be removed. If anyone brought to the notice of BIPL that any objectionable material was being listed, it would trigger a process by which the listing would be deactivated.Once the item was automatically screened by the filter, the listing was placed on the site with a unique computer generated item ID. The registered buyer had to find the item by using the Search box.He then had to browse the categories and sub-categories.After reading the item description, if the person intended to buy, he would click "buy now", select the payment method, specify the delivery details and confirm the order. Then came the question of payment through either the credit card or online bank transfer.

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