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Throughout my training I have been taught to never touch a photograph without wearing white cotton gloves: the fingerprints left behind from handling are almost impossible to remove from the surface of a photograph.

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First, as the subject of my photography and then later (during my MFA), I began using the photographic print as a material to weave.

For my own portrait, the woven pattern chosen is based on an example of a kete whakario from my iwi (Tainui) made by Diggeress Rangituatahi Te Kanawa and found online, in the collection of the Waikato Museum (NZ).

For my next project, I am weaving a kahu huruhuru (feather cloak), the highest prestige garment for Māori weavers, that will be made from photographs of feathers of Australian native birds such as emu using customary kākahu Māori (Māori cloak weaving) techniques.

Given this, it is not surprising that much of my art practice has been centred on issues of post-colonialism and identity politics. I have a Bachelor of Arts (BA Fine Art), and a Master of Fine Art (MFA) both from RMIT University and majoring in Photography.

I also currently teach Photography at Deakin University where I am completing my creative practice-led Ph D.

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