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In the end, what this paper may accomplish at best is to deliver a fragmentary as- ... Employees of smaller firms that collapsed because of fraud will ...... Legal methods of struggle with “thieves in the law” 13. 1995 wlidan 2000 wlamde mu Saobda saqar Tvelos prezidentis regionaluri politikis mar Tvis samsaxur Si.communication with perpetrators by mail, email, phone or fax (Ampratwum, 2009). in the flows of cross-border travel and trade is sending contraband ... become whistleblowers, using the company's hotline to report their concerns.sanctions, financial aid, education assistance, and various retaliatory actions have ... New Georgian authorities and “thieves in the law” The conclusion Glossary 9 givi lob Jani Zem disertacia iuridiul mecniereba Ta xarisxis mosapoveblad daicva 1987 wels Tbilisis saxelmwifo universitet Si. 2000 wlidan aris saqar Tvelos Sinagan saqme Ta saministros akademiis proreqtori.The special attention in the monograph was given to legal methods of struggle against criminal authorities and a prevention of the organized crime. oniani _ `kanonieri qurdi~, `biznesmeni~ Tu qar Tuli politikis na Tlia? `kanonieri qurdebis~ ga Cenisa da arsebobis mizezebi ssrk-Si 9. qurdul gaer Tianeba Ta struqtura 7 a) `kanonier qurdad~ kur Txeva b) Tanamedrove `kanonieri qurdebis~ funqciebi g) Sekrebebi d) saer To salaro 11. Tbilisi., 2003 p 225; Georgian history of State and Law.

Authors have researcher historical preconditions of occurrence of professional criminality from robbers and gangster formations up to political-criminal communities in Russia and Georgia in XX century. “Thieves in the law” during reorganization and disorder of the USSR at 80-90 e. Particularly, his publications include the following monographs: Motivations of Individual Criminal Behavior, Moscow 1986; Organized Crime as One of the Basic Sources for Violent Crime and Ethnic Conflicts, Tbilisi 1998; Professional Crime (in co-authorship), 2004, and others - more than 50 publications in total.avtorebma gaaanalizes uwyebrivi literatura, ker Zod, sab Wo Ta kav Sirisa da saqar Tvelos Sinagan saqme Ta saministroebis uwyebrivi br Zanebulebebi da sxva kanonqvemdebare aqtebi; Seiswavles saarqivo masalebi; Caatares samar Taldamcavi organoebis Tanam Sromel Ta gamoki Txva specialurad Semu Savebuli anketi T; Sekribes mxatvruli literaturisa da internetis masalebi. Aaris saqar Tvelso mecniereba Ta akademiis saxelmwifosa da samar Tlis institutis ufrosi mecnier-Tanam Sromeli da saqar Tvelos Sinagan saqme Ta saministros akademiis kriminalistikis ka Tedris profesori.avtorebma gamoikvlies me-20 saukune Si ruse Tsa da saqar Tvelo Si arsebuli profesionaluri dana Saulobis warmoqmnis istoriuli wanam ZRvrebi ya Ca Ruri da bandituri formirebebidan vidre politikur-kriminalur Tanasazogadoebebamde. The `thief in the law” as the representative of criminal subculture a. giorgi Rlonti 1994-1995 wleb Si miwveul profesorad mu Saobda a SS ratgeris universitetis kriminaluri iusticiis skola Si (IREX – is programi T) 1998 wels miwveul profesorad mu Saobda maqs plankis saxelobis saer TSoriso sisxlis samar Tlisa da kriminologiis institut Si (fraiburgi, germania) 1999 – 2000 wleb Si amerikuli universitetis transnacionaluri organizebuli danda Saulis kvlevis centr Si (TRACCC) mu Saobda miwveul profesorad (va Singtoni, a SS) 2003 wlidan aris transnacionaluri organizebuli dana Saulis kvlevis centris saqar Tvelos ofisis direqtori.Also they have described the basic the characteristic Georgian «thieves in the law» abroad and have included biographies of the most authoritative Georgian criminal authorities. Bolsheviks and criminals in the first years of the Soviet authority (1917-1929) 6. Occurrence of thieves’ community 20-50 years of XX century b. Since 2000 is the pro-rector of Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. He is the author more than hundred scientific works, among which 11 monographies and two books written in the co-authorship.Special the chapters are devoted so-called the thieves’ law, its basic postulates and a personal estimation “thief-in-law” as representative of criminal subculture. Main publications: Some problems of straggle with transnational organized crime.

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