Sex chats with cartoons

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You know, the Notley NDP is doing something sorta kinda like the Holocaust, the killings fields of Cambodia, the Ukrainian famine, the ISIS beheadings, the gulags of Joseph Stalin. And if you’re not great at telling jokes and you may come out sounding like you’re joshing about beating women, or anybody else for that matter, take a pass.

Still-out-in-the-wilderness member of the legislature Derek Fildebrandt can probably fill you in any other stuff you’re not supposed to do.

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Local detectives Fellows and Wilks lead an investigation methodically following up leads and clues mostly in Brighton and...

Still, remember that night in December when something very strange appeared on the computer screen. No floor-crossers survived the election a few months later, the vote where the NDP won a majority of the seats in the legislature.

There is even a brilliant car chase during the violent wages snatch.

Donald Sinden is brilliant as the sleazy, blackmailed MP who frequents high society sex parties.

Everybody knows the bozo eruptors and their bozo eruptions.

Just when conservatives think they have the wind at their backs, and it looks like clear sailing to victory, someone decides to fall right into the dung heap of political stupidity.

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