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The show reminds twenty-somethings that they're not alone in their post-grad struggles — and more importantly, that there's no shame in moving back home. When the weight of the world feels too heavy and you just want to stay under the covers forever? Sure, we can look at this week’s news and try to remember better days with Andre Drummond and Jennette Mc Curdy. On the show, Shea and Stella's opposite personalities are reminiscent of another TV friendship that Cosgrove's been a part of.As you may recall, the actor starred on i Carly from 2007-2012, where she and her real-life BFF Jennette Mc Curdy portrayed distinctly different personas. Miranda is the best, and if there was a government-recognized legal union for friendships, I would enter one with her.As a millennial, I've heard plenty of stereotypes thrown at my age group: "entitled," "tech-savvy," "self-obsessed," to name a few.

Seventeen points and 26 rebounds in a win over the Knicks.

She was sipping Coca Cola from a bottle and I was wearing camouflage zip-off pants from Limited Too. You'll never find anyone with a bigger heart, a sharper sense of humor, or a better sense of authenticity in a sometimes bullshit world.

Needless to say, I thought she was the coolest person ever.10 years and a million memories later, and I still think Miranda is the coolest person ever.

On Crowded, Cosgrove plays Shea, the straight-laced sister to Mia Serafino's Stella, her more outgoing and artsy counterpart.

Shea aspires to be an astrophysicist, while her sis pursues an acting career.

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